UFP Weekly - Issue No. 10, Vol. 1
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
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BET...Black Entertainment Television. The cornerstone of music videos and making you a hot artist. We all know the shows from 106 to Tigga's basement. But guess who provided THE JUMPOFF? The Squad counts their homeboy, Brett Walker, with providing the jumpoff for BET in the music game. Others were there, but Brett held it down. Mr. Walker hosted 3 shows for BET (Un Real, In Your Ear & Music Inside Out). The 6'2" 195lb Brick City Native (that's Newark New Jerz for those that don't know) is now in Los Angeles continuing his career and honing his craft for the perfect part that awaits him. If you've seen ANGIE STONE's video, WISH I DIDN'T MISS YOU, smooth Brett plays the part of the man Angie wishes she didn't love so much.
Appearing in numerous commercials and music videos, Mr. Walker has also played the lead role in the films, I LOVE YOU BABY, EBONY PRINCESS and TICKET TO HEAVEN. He hasn't stopped there. On the stage, Mr. Walker has appeared in ZOOMAN AND THE SIGN and DETECTIVE STORY at the AMERICAN THEATER in HARLEM. Mr. Walker continues to develop his acting tools having studied with coaches, Denise Dowse, Hal DeWindt, Trudy Steibl, Hue Lowe, Gwen Hilliar and Lou Riggs. His off camera skills include Basketball, Football, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Cycling, Weight Training, Motorcycling and Running.

For professional inquiries about Mr. Walker, send a note to:

CALLING ALL ACTORS, MODELS --- If you want THE SPOTLIGHT like BRETT, be sure to get your HEADSHOTS ready. When URBANFILMPREMIERE.COM launches, you will have the opportunity to upload THREE HEADSHOTS and your RESUME for the whole world to see. For more information, holla at THE SQUAD.

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His new album, DANCE WITH MY FATHER, is in stores now.

The Squad certainly wishes Luther Vandross the best as he attempts to recover from a serious stroke he suffered on April 16. Listening to his new album is a precious treat for your ears and heart as Luther's voice simply amazes you. There is this special quality about Luther's voice that you can't escape. When you hear any song from Luther, your mind races as ALL of his former hits seem to seep to the top of your mind while you are hearing his voice. Now that's power in music. You know...Bad boy...gonna sneak out tonight...A House is Not a Home...If this world were mine...and so many more heartfelt and incomparable tracks of love and redemption. Certainly, we hope and pray that Luther gets well and he will once again be able to do what he so passionately did, and that's deliver songs that last a lifetime. Our best wishes to his family and friends.

To learn more about Luther and to obtain a special coupon to purchase Luther's new album from Sam Goody, visit

Filmmakers were honored for their achievements in filmmaking and screenwriting during the Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) closing night awards presentation held on Sunday, June 8, 2003.

This year HBFF screened 86 films in the annual competitive, the fifth year in a row that the festival has seen a increase in the number of both submissions and actual films screened during the six-day event, which took place at the Harmony Gold Preview House in Los Angeles.

The HBFF Jury Award for Best Feature Film went to NEVER GET OUTTA THE BOAT, produced by actor John Cusack and Grace Loh; this film was directed by Paul Quinn and written by Nick Gillie. In NEVER GET OUTTA THE BOAT, we meet Joe, Cesar and Franky, roommates in a drug rehabilitation facility actually determined to recover. As the trio's own destructive tendencies and sexual issues begin to surface, combined with the arrival of a popular rock star and several less committed alcoholics, the sense of community begins to unravel.

BIG AIN'T BAD, directed and produced by Ray Culpepper and written by Drayton X. Jamison, garnered the Audience Choice Award. JESSE'S CLOSET received the Featured Film Honorable mention. Written and directed by Kenneth O. Johnson and produced by Marc Pouhe. Best Short Film was awarded to writer/director Antonia F. March and Jacqueline R. McKinley for MOVE.

MAN MADE received the award for Short Honorable Mention. Directed by Erma Elzy-Jones and produced by Deborah E. Ward. The Student Film Winner Award was awarded to writer/director Devon Gregory for DESTINY'S CHILD. This film was produced by Earvin "Magic" Johnson and Lawrence G. Watkins, Jr. The Student Film Honorary Mention was presented to producer/director Leigh Dana Jackson for IN THE GAME.

THE MURDER OF EMMETT TILL won Best Documentary Film. Directed and produced by Stanley Nelson and written by Marcia A. Smith. NAT TURNER: A TROUBLESOME PROPERTY received the Documentary Film Honorary Mention. Directed and written by veteran filmmaker Charles Burnett ("To Sleep With Anger") and produced by written by Frank Christopher and Kenneth S. Greenberg. The Animation Film Winner was John Sirabella for CHRISTOPHER, PLEASE CLEAN YOUR ROOM. The Storyteller Competition Winner was Zelie Dember-Slack for DEXTER'S DESTINY. THE BRIDGE CAFÉ written by Tifa Boss, won 1st Runner Up honors in the Storyteller Competition. Writer Yaba Baker received the Storyteller Competition 2nd Runner Up award for PRINCESS BRIANA.
When it was announced two years ago that Vin Diesel was not going to star in the sequel 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS, many industry insiders thought the franchise was over. WRONG. Evidently, when it comes to fast cars, bangin' music and fine women, Americans will run to the box-office to see what's going down. Cross-over hit-maker Tyrese, the voluptuous Eva Mendes, smooth Paul Walker and Loud-A*s Ludacris bring the heat in the sequel. Bringing in more than $50 million in the box-office and grabbing the Number 1 B/0 Spot, 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS is in gear and in theaters now. Check it out, wear your seatbelt and PLEASE, DO NOT TRY ANY OF THE STUNTS IN YOUR HOOD. No matter what your boys tell you, YOU ARE AN AMATEUR DRIVER and CANNOT DUPLICATE ANYTHING FROM THE FILM. Respect that.

And lastly, BIG SHOUT to John Singleton for once again proving that he is still a LEADING DIRECTOR in Tinseltown.

The Squad

So you venture to your local video store to rent a film. You stroll through the New Releases section and nothing provides a spark. Seen that. Seen that. Heard that was garbage. That looks stupid. And how in the h*ll did this film ever get made? Hey, don't you dare grab that last copy!!!! We've all been there.

If you venture to the video store this weekend, here's THREE COOL PICKS that won't let you down. You will be entertained. Trust us.

Squad Video

SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS is an amazing film. Carl, a fisherman in the waters off Washington state, has been found dead, drowned in his own nets, but with a serious head wound. Was he murdered? Post-war anti-Japanese sentiments are still running high, and the local Japanese community provides a murder suspect in the form of Kazuo, another fisherman, who had a grudge against Carl's family. Ishmael, the small town's newspaperman, may have the information that would acquit Kazuo, but can he ever put his jilted love for Hatsue (Kazuo's wife) aside?
LOCK, STOCK & TWO SMOKING BARRELS - Four London boys find themselves heavily in debt to an East End gangster and his enforcers after a crooked card game. Overhearing their neighbors in the next flat plotting to hold up a group of wannabe drug lords, the London Boys decide to stick up the robbers in turn. Full of explosive hilarity, this film is a must from Mr. Madonna, Guy Ritchie.
BOTTLE ROCKET - Before the big-budget fiascos, Owen and Luke Wilson were the stars of one of the funniest films you will ever see. Upon his release from a mental hospital following a breakdown, floppy and insane Anthony (Luke Wilson) joins his friend Dignan (Owen Wilson) who has hatched one of the dumbest schemes in the history of crime. With the help of their pathetic neighbor and pal Bob, Anthony and Dignan pull a job and hit the road, where Anthony finds love with motel maid Inez. When the crew hooks up with Mr. Henry, (James Caan) the film simply turns from funny to hysterical.
The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the United States deficit will reach more than $400 BILLION DOLLARS. To repeat in the voice of Dr. Evil...FOUR HUNDRED BIIILLIIONN DOOLLLAARRS. Dagnabbit...what are the Republicans doing to this country? The Squad says BRING BACK BILL...at least he was good at Math.
In our commitment to unveil how people really feel about being an American, we are proud to present the first prose chosen by our editors. It's entitled SCREENS AS MIRRORS by Nicole Anderson, a Chicago based writer. We encourage you to submit your thoughts. How else are we to define who we are and what we are about? If we allow our so called leaders to say what Americans feel, they seem to choose bullets as opposed to words. Submit your thoughts today. The First Amendment affords you that right.
Thoughts on America - Submission for Urban Film Premiere
Screens As Mirrors
By Nicole Anderson
If we let television speak for us, America is a fractured, puzzling place. We keep running faster to outpace the world and yet unwilling to glimpse our own bloody reflection on the screen. We, a nation rationing hope and democracy to the world with our own cupboards increasingly bare.

It is astonishing how so much of our programming (television and otherwise) is ordered, undergirded, driven by our two most urgent national priorities: consumption and fear. America represents itself TO itself in TelevisionLand, our most fearsome, maddening confusement-park ride. Who is all this for...certainly not all of this "shock and awe" for me.
The networks make one wonder what I am being punished for?

Comedies consisting of scowling wife-nags and dehumanized hubbies scheming weekly...seeking liberation from domestic annihilation. News imparted by white, black, asian, and latin mannequins garbling bits of daily trivia and tragedy between commercial breaks. TV "diversity" displayed by colored bodies littered across our screens... yet, little more than music industry minstrels, comic relief or frustrated crusading sidekicks.

Videos and crime shows reminding us that women and children-be they succulent and beat-bumping or bound, bloodied and mutilated-are JUST bodies after all. And our newest economic stimulus packages offering up "average" Americans competing nightly in song, seduction, confession, and "exotic" sport...just to pay the bills.

Yet, I sit back tickled watching our country mesmerized by the parade of citizen-celebrities. God bless reality TV for giving us our newest American past time to accompany eating, shopping, flag-waving and war.

It is truly difficult to explore what American television says TO us. Yet, even more difficult is to consider what television says ABOUT us, we, who consume it willingly, quietly, painfully...without even a whimper.

Email Your thoughts on America to

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